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Learn Step by Step Advanced Facebook Marketing by Mayank Jain

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This Unique Facebook Ads course will turn you into a Facebook Pro ad, even if you don't know anything about Facebook ads.

Regular Price : Rs 8888/-

Discount Price : Rs 888/-

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Generate More Leads, Traffic & Sales From Facebook™ Ads.

📚 Here is what you will Learn inside the Course 📚

✔️Lesson 1 : Intro to Facebook and its ads Platform
✔️Lesson 2 : Identify the Niche
✔️Lesson 3 : Product Page & Landing Page / Thank You Page
✔️Lesson 4 : Funnels & Lead Magnet
✔️Lesson 5 : Products & Offers
✔️Lesson 6 : Introducing the Cold, Warm and Hot Audience Funnels
✔️Lesson 7 : Starting with Facebook Ads
✔️Lesson 8 : Page Creation & Page Dashboard Introduction
✔️Lesson 9 : Ad Account Creation – Personal & Business
✔️Lesson 10 : Ad Auctions
✔️Lesson 11 : Types of Facebook Ads
✔️Lesson 12 : Facebook Ad Structure
✔️Lesson 13 : Facebook Advertising Terms & Placements
✔️Lesson 14 : Facebook Ad Format & Creative Hub
✔️Lesson 15 : Ads Spending Control – Campaign & Ads Level
✔️Lesson 16 : Type of Audience in Facebook Ads
✔️Lesson 17 : Audience Insight Tools
✔️Lesson 18 : Understanding the audience Demographics & Behavior
✔️Lesson 19 : Hidden Interest using Facebook Marketing API
✔️Lesson 20 : Understanding Ads Policy
✔️Lesson 21 : Psychology behind ads – Ad Copy Strategy
✔️Lesson 22 : Cold Audience – Ad Copy Strategy
✔️Lesson 23 : Warm Audience – Ad Copy Strategy
✔️Lesson 24 : Ad Creative Tools – Canva
✔️Lesson 25 : Starting with Facebook Pixels
✔️Lesson 26 : Setup Pixel using Partner Integration
✔️Lesson 27 : Setup Pixel using Google Tag Manager
✔️Lesson 28 : Catalog Manager – eCommerce
✔️Lesson 29: Troubleshooting Pixel code
✔️Lesson 30 : How to create custom audience
✔️Lesson 31 : Concepts of Re-targeting
✔️Lesson 32 : Re-targeting Rules Setup
✔️Lesson 33 : Setting up Custom Audience for Re-targeting
✔️Lesson 34 : Re-targeting Psychology
✔️Lesson 35 : Lookalike Audiences
✔️Lesson 36 : Setting up Campaign with Lookalike Audience
✔️Lesson 37 : Value-Based Lookalike Audiences
✔️Lesson 38 : Creating Lead Generation Ads
✔️Lesson 39 : Creating Conversion Ad Concept
✔️Lesson 40 : Instant Experience Ads
✔️Lesson 41 : Scaling of Facebook Ads
✔️Lesson 42 : Measure ROAS and Ad Metrics
✔️Lesson 43 : Messenger Marketing Tools
✔️Lesson 44 : Running Messenger Ads
✔️Lesson 45 : Case Studies of Facebook Ads
✔️Lesson 46 : Landing Page Creation using WordPress
✔️Lesson 47 : Concept of Social Proof
✔️Lesson 48 : Page Manager Mobile APP
✔️Lesson 49 : Instagram Business Profile Creation & Link with Facebook
✔️Lesson 50 : Connecting with Facebook Support

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This Unique Facebook Ads course will turn you into a Facebook Pro ad, even if you don't know anything about Facebook ads.

Regular Price : Rs 8888/-

Discount Price : Rs 888/-

About Mayank Jain

Mayank Jain is an entrepreneur, digital marketing and social media strategist, Marketing consultant, He helps individuals and businesses in improving their sales by digital marketing and provide ultimate one-stop solution for every digital marketing needs, that will boost sales with the tons of knowledge of digital marketing. To acquire targeted clients, one must need to hit the right strategy and for that Mayank is here to hit the right chord of your mind with his years of experience and knowledge of the biggest medium of marketing in modern day.

He started the journey years back by opening his remarkable venture called NLET (Next level education and technology) which later was recognized under StartUP Program of the Government of India and success continues. He also developed multiple SAAS products offered to medium and small enterprises to automate their work flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it a recorded course or a live course?

A: It’s a recorded course which will be given to you in a LMS. On signup, you will receive username and password using which you can watch the modules.

Q: Will You get lifetime access to the Videos?

A: Yes you will get access to the Videos for a Lifetime, you can watch at any time you like.

Q: How will You get support for your Questions?

A: We have a dedicated Facebook group for students, where you can ask as many questions as you like.

Q: How will You benefit from the Course?

☑️ Student: You learn a new skill and getting a job in Media Buying is huge. It’s also considered as one of the highest-paying jobs

☑️ Working Professionals: Promotion, Promotion, Promotion; ever wanted to get a better salary hike and handle revenue-generating channels for your organization? This is it, Facebook Ads Course is for you.

☑️ Business Owners: More Customers; that’s the #1 thing it will do for you. This course will help you to find ways to reach out to the right audience with the right message which in turn is going to give you more customers

☑️ Entrepreneurs: The best way to test market your idea in a budget-friendly manner is via Facebook Ads. It gives you initial validation and not just that. Facebook Ads help you to scale your business faster and efficiently.

Q: Can You download the videos?

A: The Videos are shared in the member’s area, you cannot download them however you can watch it anytime you want – any number of times you want. All you need is a Mobile/Laptop and an Internet connection.

Q: Got more questions?

A: Please write to us at [email protected] and we will take care of your queries.

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